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Chicago Fire: Diese Hauptfigur fällt den Flammen zum Opfer Zwar können die Ersthelfer von 51 das verheerende Feuer in der Matratzen-Fabrik löschen; dieses hatte die gesamte Crew am Ende der 7 NBC's Chicago Fire is the latest in a series of procedural dramas known for their compelling characters and stories of narrow success, perfect for hooking audiences in. So when fan-favorite character Leslie Shay left the show, audiences everywhere wanted to know what happened Unfortunately, Leslie Shay had to die precisely because she was so popular. In an interview with TV Line, Chicago Fire executive producer Matt Olmstead said that the season 3 premiere needed a. Chicago Fire Boss on [Spoiler]'s Death, Fan Outrage and a Possible Return. By Vlada Gelman / September 24 2014, 5:19 PM PDT 334 Share This Article Tumblr Reddit LinkedIn Pin It WhatsApp Print. Chicago Fire. First Seen Pilot Last Seen Real Never Waits Portrayed By. Lauren German. Leslie Shay was a lesbian, and a paramedic with Ambulance 61. Shay was close friends with Gabriela Dawson and Kelly Severide, but she was well-liked by everyone in the firehouse. After her death, her name was printed on the side of Ambulance 61 in her honour. Death of Leslie Shay. In reference to the.

Chicago Fire season 3 will return with episode 13 titled, 'Three Bells' which will focus on Shay's murder investigation and the future of Casey and Dawson's romance A character well-liked in the universe of the show and a fan favorite, it was shocking indeed when Shay was killed off in Chicago Fire's third season premiere. Her death concluded a cliffhanger.

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Chicago Fire suffered its first major loss in the Season 3 premiere, when Shay (Lauren German) didn't make it out after an explosion. The firehouse hasn't been the same since. Ambulance 61. Leslie Elizabeth Shay war eine Protagonistin in der ersten und zweiten Staffel. Shay wird von Lauren German porträtiert. Leslie Shay war eine Sanitäterin, die zusammen mit Gabriela Dawson in Ambulanz 61 in Firehouse 51 stationiert war. Shay wird im Mai 2014 in der Folge Real Never Waits getötet. Peter Mills wird von den anderen Feuerwehrleuten dazu angestachelt, Leslie nach einem Date zu. Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire) This comes as no surprise to anyone, as Leslie Shay's death was easily the most devastating moment in all of Chicago Fire. The paramedic was a series mainstay from day one, and almost every fan loved her caring attitude and quick decision making. She was truly a rockstar at the firehouse. Much like the season five finale, the second season ended with a cliffhanger.

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The real reason Lauren German left Chicago Fire

Directed by Arthur W. Forney. With Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Kara Killmer. More clues emerge about the fire that killed Shay, leading Severide to a former nemesis; Shay's sister visits; Cruz is faced with a surprise; Boden tries to help his father Tags: Chicago Fire, fire, EMTs, season 2, Firemen, firefighters, suicide, routine call, dawson, Shay 'Chicago Fire' season 8: How the possible death of the main character could affect Firehouse 51. The last major death was of paramedic Leslie Shay's death in the season 3 premiere following a cliffhanger in the previous season's finale. With history set to repeat, we look at how another potential death could affect the firehouse Lauren Christine German (born November 29, 1978) is an American actress. She had her first major role in the 2002 romantic drama film A Walk to Remember, followed by roles in the horror films The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Hostel: Part II (2007). From 2011 to 2012, German had a main role as DHS agent Lori Weston in the second season of the CBS police drama Hawaii Five-0, and from 2012. Real Never Waits is the twenty-second episode of the second season and the 46th overall episode of Chicago Fire. In the season finale, a boarding school fire leaves Severide shaken, and Boden's grand plans take a detour. Dawson blasts through the firefighter's test, pushes herself to cross the finish line - and passes! The celebration only lasts until Boden announces her new station.

With Chicago Fire taking most of February off for the Winter Olympics, we're rolling back the clock and revisiting the Chicago Fire episodes that previously aired this month. Three years ago Fire kicked off a two-part, two-night crossover with Chicago PD that focused on catching the serial arsonist whose work led to the death of Leslie Shay ( Lauren German ) At the beginning of Season 3, after Shay dies from a fatal head injury in the building explosion in the Season 2 cliffhanger, Kelly is seen taking her death really hard. He takes a leave of absence from the department for over a month and refused to come back to work until Casey had gone to convince him to come back. Even when he does return to work, Shay's memories haunt him frequently. Leslie Elizabeth Shay Chicago Fire Death - Leslie Shay disastrous passed on in the Chicago fire. She was slaughtered in the line of obligation in 2014. Shay was fighting structure fire with Truck 81, Squad 3, and Ambulance 61. Shay disastrously passed after a metal shaft which was flung off by blast struck her. It was later discovered that the fire was a snare, set by a chronic fire playing. Shay never backed down from Kelly no matter the issue. Her death sent him into a dark place and deep down, he's still trying to navigate through that abyss. They put their life on the line daily but they never compromised their love for one another. True friendship. RELATED: Chicago P.D.: 5 Ways It Is Better Than Chicago Fire (& 5 Ways It Is Worse

The spirit of Shay lives on in 'Chicago Fire,' but is that

Chicago Fire kicked off Season 8 on a heartbreaking note thanks to the death of Otis, who was part of Firehouse 51 from the very first season and whose loss was arguably the biggest of the series. That was shocking and Shay's death affected all the other fire fighters. Reply. Carol Waters says: September 24, 2014 at 2:20 PM Soo sorry to see Shay to, I never thought it would be her. I hope. The death of a beloved friend may not be the only loss on Chicago Fire this season. The emotional fallout from Shay's death continues in Tuesday's episode (NBC, 10/9c), in which Severide heads.

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Chicago fire shay ausstieg. Bereits der Auftakt zur 3. Staffel der Serie Chicago Fire forderte seine Opfer. Hun hat man sich in der jüngsten Episode erneut von einem Darsteller getrennt Chicago Fire: Diese Hauptfigur fällt den Flammen zum Opfer Zwar können die Ersthelfer von 51 das verheerende Feuer in der Matratzen-Fabrik löschen; dieses hatte die gesamte Crew am Ende der 7 Leslie Shay. Shay, despite her short time on the show, was the heart and soul of Chicago Fire. She was the only one who could yell at you one minute, then hug you two seconds later as if nothing happened. But it was her relationship with Severide that made her death so hard to take. More than coworkers, they were roommates and best friends Her death affected the entire firehouse as she was popular with everyone and well-liked by the mostly-male crew. The subsequent investigation and Severide's own observations reveal that Shay had been murdered. Chicago PD detectives later linked the fire with a string of unsolved arson cases dating back several decades. The investigation proved. Orlovsky is the Chicago Fire Department chaplain in Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire (6 seasons, 11 episodes): Season 2: A Heavy Weight Season 3: Always • Santa Bites • Ambush Predator • Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional • You Know Where to Find Me Season 4: Regarding This Wedding • The Beating Heart Season 5: Carry Their Legacy Season 6: It Wasn't Enough Season 7: All the Proo Deutschlandpremieren von Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. und Chicago Med gehen weiter Universal TV und Sony AXN setzen Ausstrahlungen fort; alle News zur Serie. Auch interessant Chicago P.D. (USA 2013-) Chicago Med (USA 2015-) Grey's Anatomy (USA 2005-) The Blacklist (USA 2013-) Hawaii Five-0 (USA 2010-2020) Navy CIS (USA 2003-) Arrow (USA 2012-2020) Blue.

Chicago Fire is going strong in the ratings and the show has a strong presence on social media. It's never lost on me that if people didn't watch the show, I wouldn't have a job so if anyone ever. The character who died on Chicago Fire was a fan-favorite. There were also no hints to NBC viewers that the shocking death was going to take place during the season premiere of the show Chicago Fire Boss Explains That Heartbreaking Premiere Death: 'It Was Right for the Show' WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from season 8 premiere of Chicago Fire Chicago Fire Round Table: Who Killed Shay? Paul Dailly at January 22, 2015 10:00 am . Thanks to Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 12 , this week's edition of the Round Table has plenty to discuss The 'Chicago Fire' season 8 premiere featured the devastating death of a fan-fave. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Derek Haas about why [Spoiler] had to die, how the characters will move for

Shay's Death on 'Chicago Fire': Why Lauren German Was

  1. Leslie Shay, Chicago Fire. Last Modified: May 30, 2017. Show: Chicago Fire. TV: Broadcast / Network: NBC. Character Status: Regular. Endgame: Dead. Orientation: Lesbian. Show Status: Still Airing. Tropes: All Lesbians have Kids, Bury Your Gays, But not too gay, Sweeps. Introduced in: 2012-2013 / Final season: 2014-2015. Appeared in seasons: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015. Leslie Shay (Lauren.
  2. 'Chicago Fire' Fans Flip Over Shay's Death. Dawson completely broke down during the episode, revealing that she had Shay switch places with her — so she should have been standing there.
  3. How did Leslie Elizabeth Shay die? Cause of death. Leslie Elizabeth Shay died in Chicago fire. She was killed in the line of duty in 2014. Leslie Elizabeth Shay Obituary, funeral arrangement, any GoFundMe page. The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements. We are unable to confirm if a GoFundMe was created by the family/friends of the deceased at the time of this.

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'Chicago Fire': Leslie Shay's Dead & Fans Are Not Happy. 51 will never be the same after Leslie Shay (Lauren German)'s death. Severide (Taylor Kinney) is shutting everyone out, while. 10:10 AM 6/23/2017. by Kate Stanhope With the fate of several series regulars left in question, THR looks back at the deaths that have redefined Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise Adrian Gish was an arsonist and murderer who killed Paramedic Leslie Shay in Chicago Fire. He was killed by detective Antonio Dawson in Chicago P.D.. Chicago Fire (1 season, 1 episode): Season 3: Three Bells Chicago P.D. (1 season, 1 episode): Season 2: A Little Devil Comple

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD crossover: Who killed Shay

RELATED: Chicago Fire: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Cast. Unfortunately, a lot of TV shows that are present today fall into this pit and Chicago Fire is one of them. Most fans will agree there have been certain scenes that haven't felt right with them. Sometimes it's done intentionally but there are also times where it comes across as. The last time I watched Chicago Fire was the season premiere when Leslie Shay was killed. This week we got the tip that the show paid tribute to our fallen lesbian, so I decided to try to put aside my frustration that they killed Shay and checked it out. In that spirit, I will try not to grouse about the decision to kill Shay to advance the plot. I'm still pissed about it but you didn't. Leslie Elizabeth Shay arbeitet gemeinsam mit ihrer besten Freundin Gabriela Dawson als Rettungssanitäterin auf der Feuerwache 51 und lebt mit ihrem besten Freund, dem Feuerwehrmann Kelly Severide, zusammen in einer WG in Chicago.Leslie Shay ist lesbisch, geht mit ihrer Homosexualität offen um und hatte im Kollegenkreis nie Probleme deswegen

Men dominate a show like Chicago Fire, and I'm not saying I don't love the men of 51, but the women are pretty interesting as well and now that these two are living together I hope we get more scenes like the one in the kitchen tonight. Dawson will also need Brett to lean on as the investigation into Shay's death continues Leslie Shay was a paramedic of Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire. Leslie Shay was the partner of Gabriela Dawson on Ambulance 61. She was killed in an arson fire. Chicago Fire (3 seasons, 49 episodes): Season 1: Pilot • Mon Amour • Professional Courtesy • One Minute • Hanging On •.. Chicago Fire is an American action-drama television series created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas with Dick Wolf as an executive producer. It is the first installment of Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise. The series premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012. The show follows the firefighters and paramedics working at Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department, home of Truck Company 81, Engine.

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  1. Illinois 'Chicago Fire' Season 9 Episode 2: Show pays homage to Leslie Shay, sobbing fans miss her bond with Severide meaww.com - MEAWW. Shay's death had an adverse affect on Severide, as the two were best friends and were even thinking of having a child togethe
  2. TV Shows Chicago Fire. Follow/Fav These Flames. By: Today.Is.Life. Because she's Gabriela Dawson, and you love her, and you need her to be alive. Set halfway through season 2, after Matt has dealt with Hallie's death. Will be Dawson/Casey. All other characters included too. Will be M rating. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Family - M. Casey, K. Severide, G. Dawson, L. Shay - Chapters: 23.
  3. Chicago Fire premiere, Chicago PD, Chicago Med recap: Week Four By Amanda Bell S4 E23 Reca
  4. Out of all the characters on Chicago Fire, Shay has proven to be the most selfless and compassionate person. When Severide was suffering from his injury, she risked her job to get him painkillers. When one of her patients left her all of his assets, Shay initially refused them and wanted to give it back to the man's family. Moreover, Shay single-handedly ended up saving Molly's when she.
  5. Chicago Fire, Chicago Fire season 3 review January 14, 2015 Was Tuesday night's new episode of Chicago Fire difficult? We'd say that this is one of the biggest understatement out there, given that we had bad news about Boden's father, hard times for the paramedics, and above all, else a major question regarding what really happened to Leslie Shay: Was she murdered
  6. Capp (Chicago Fire) Tony Ferraris; Randy Mouch McHolland; Christopher Herrmann; Alternate Universe - Reality Show; Canonical Character Death; Past Infidelity; Past Relationship(s) Benny Severide Got Around; Angry Kelly; Summary So this is going to be a disaster. Shay said sardonically. Kelly grunted in agreement, though his stomach.

It consisted of the Chicago Fire episode Three Bells and the Chicago PD episode A Little Devil Complex with the story all centered on the death of paramedic Leslie Shay (Lauren German), which still ranks as one of the most shocking and impactful events in Chicago Fire's tenure Watch Chicago Fire web exclusive 'Farewell to Leslie Shay' on NBC.co

Chicago Fire ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Fernsehserie mit Jesse Spencer und Taylor Kinney in den Hauptrollen. Sie wurde konzipiert von Michael Brandt und Derek Haas und wird seit 2012 von Universal Television in Zusammenarbeit mit Wolf Films für den US-Sender NBC produziert. Im Vordergrund der Serie stehen die Männer und Frauen der Feuerwehr von Chicago, dem Chicago Fire Department Following his breakup with Lindsay and still upset over Shay's death, Severide subsequently left Chicago and headed for Las Vegas, hoping to put his troubles behind him. That's how Chicago Fire walked him into a huge cliche: the spontaneous Sin City marriage DuShon Minique Brown wurde durch ihre Nebenrollen in der Dramaserie Chicago Fire bekannt. Seit Beginn der Show in 2012 war sie als Connie, die Sekträterin von Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) zu sehen

Chicago Fire (TV Series 2012- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Chicago Fire got me in this game of making my shows go just where I want them. I loved the early seasons of Fire, and Kelly Severide is my favorite. I'll take the bad boy with the heart of gold every single time. Give me Sawyer over Jack (Lost), Pacey over Dawson (Dawson's Creek), Ben over Noel (Felicity), Riggins over everyone (FNL), Eric over Bill (True Blood), and, more recently, Mario over. TV Shows Chicago Fire. Follow/Fav Remember Me. By: goldistic. Matthew Casey was killed in the line of duty while saving an infant's life. His death was sudden, untimely, and heartbreaking. But the people around him must now figure out how to get through this tragedy and on with their lives, even if it sounds impossible. Alternate ending to 2x10, Not Like This. Chapter 5 is now up! Rated.

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  1. The doctor is in on Chicago Fire. The NBC drama -- which has already spawned spinoff Chicago P.D. -- will play host to an integrated episode this season for a possible Chicago Med offshoot
  2. TV Shows Chicago Fire. Follow/Fav Always. By: ChicagoFireLover101. Always, that had been the start of their contract. Always, that had been his last words to her. She will always be apart of Firehouse 51 and District 21's lives. Please read and review :) Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort - K. Severide, G. Dawson, L. Shay - Chapters: 20 - Words: 19,509 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 16 - Follows.
  3. al Intent (2) Include Characters Leslie Shay (228) Kelly Severide (183) Matthew Casey (134) Gabriela Dawson (113) Chief Wallace Boden (71
  4. #kelly severide #leslie shay #chicago fire #liveblogging #spoilers #best friends #never forget. 25 notes. ruzek-halstead. Follow. kelly severide. are you trying to make me cry right now . #chicago spoilers #kelly severide #leslie shay. 11 notes . jayshalstead. Follow. yeah i'm fine. #leslie shay #chicago fire #chf lb #text. 11 notes. prodigalleverage. Follow. I love Shay and Severide's.

She is the sister of Antonio Dawson of the Chicago PD Intelligence Unit and also co-owns a bar in the area, called Molly's. This she owns together with Oris, Leslie Shay, and Christopher Herrmann. The bar was initially sought after by Christopher after he saved the previous owner from a fire on the premises. He then sought co-owners, and Gabby. The show follows the lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at the Chicago Fire Department firehouse of Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 & Battalion 25. Following the death of fireman Andrew Darden, loyalties fracture and divide as the leader of Truck 81, Lt. Matthew Casey, and the leader of the elite rescue squad, Lt. Kelly Severide, both blame each other. Despite the. Leslie Elizabeth Shay Chicago Fire Death - Dead | Leslie Elizabeth Obituary | Cause of Death . November 19, 2020 admin dan 0. Leslie Elizabeth Death - Obituary: Leslie Elizabeth has left friends, family and loved ones heart-broken as the news surrounding the death of Leslie Elizabeth was announced. Information about the death of the deceased was released across social media on November 19. Chicago Fire spends the rest of the episode reminding us why Leslie Shay's death affected everyone so much. Flashbacks show her arrival to 51, the first time she saw Kelly (and his failed attempt.

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Spoiler Alert: Leslie Shay dies in the explosion on the premiere episode of Chicago Fire. The team has a rough time getting over the death.  Chicago Fire season 3 premiere just shocked everyone; at least it did for me. When it aired on last Tuesday, most people were excited to see their favorite characters get out alive while others were anxious to find out who died. The show didn't waste anytime to reveal who is died and unfortunately, Leslie Shay faced her faith. We get to see her picture on the academy wall and her death.

Over the past 7 seasons, Chicago Fire has included a great deal of heartbreaking story lines and near-death experiences. However, the Wednesday, September 25, premiere took it to a whole new level. The Injury: In the Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover event (2.20 and 1.12), Shay had battled an injury sustained earlier in the episode. When this finally got the better of her at the end of the Chicago Fire episode, everyone came to her rescue. including her one and only best friend, Kelly Severide. This was a great moment fo [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's season six premiere of Chicago Fire, One of the things when we did the Shay death between seasons two and three, that first episode back. 'Chicago Fire'-'Chicago P.D.' crossover first look: Shay's killer targets Dawson this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines #leslie shay #gabriela dawson #chfedit #chicago fire #lauren german #monica raymund #113 #shay x dawson #gabby #dawson x shay I had a very good friend named Gil. We were in the same unit in Iraq, second tour for both of us

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  1. Chicago Fire Characters; Chicago PD Characters; Intelligence Unit (Chicago PD) Drama & Romance; Summary. Jay Halstead keeps butting heads over cases with Riannes Torres Delgado, a social worker with DCFS. She has been through her own personal trauma. So when they find themselves drawn to each other time and time again an interesting journey.
  2. Plus, Severide makes sure Shay won't be forgotten. [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 9, Episode 2 of Chicago Fire, That Kind of Heat.] Brett (Kara Killmer) and Mack's.
  3. TV Shows Chicago Fire. Follow/Fav Losing Your Memory Now. By: Suituuup. They lost one of their own. Erin doesn't know if Kelly is ever going to recover for it, nor does Casey if Gabby ever will. The first step is the funeral. Shay's relationship with the boys through memories. Erin/Severide, Casey/Dawson, Shay/Severide, Shay/Everyone. Rated: Fiction T - English - Tragedy/Drama - L. Shay, K.
  4. Following the discovery of a newspaper clipping containing Shay's death notice found at a call, Severide and Dawson look into the storage building fire where Shay was killed last year. Intelligence is brought in to investigate the scene. Firehouse 51 receive a call of a car accident of a victim of one of their own. Meanwhile, Hermann drafts Otis and Cruz into his Little League games. Elsewhere.
  5. Megan Connelly is the sister of paramedic Leslie Shay at Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire (1 season, 1 episode): Season 3: Three Bells Chicago P.D. (1 season, 1 episode): Season 2: A Little Devil Comple
  6. On February 28, 2019, NBC renewed Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med for their eighth, seventh, and fifth seasons, When more clues about Shay's death are found, Firehouse 51 works with Intelligence to apprehend the arsonist suspected of killing her. Two-Part Crossover Chicago Fire: Chicago Med : N/A I Am The Apocalypse (Chicago Fire S03E19) Appearing in Series A: Nick Gehlfuss.

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Exec producer Matt Olmstead has previewed the fallout of Shay's death on the next episodes of Chicago Fire season 3.Keep reading for the scoop:On whether D Previously on Chicago Fire Casey's mom shacked up with her old cell mate, Severide helped Renee the First, Cruz found religion in a greeting card aisle, and Dawson, Herrmann, and Otis found Pandora's box in their bar. Shay continued her string of the worst luck of anyone not living in Rosewood with a needlestick and HIV scare. to top it off Clarice took her place in the pantheon of. In Season 3, Severide has plunged into grief with Shay's death during a call (later discovered to be murder and arson). He and Gabby Dawson aid Detective Voight's team in the preliminary investigations, which led them to a series of unsolved arson cases, including the fire that killed Mills' father and seriously injured Chief Boden Crossover mania! what The only thing better than Chicago Fire and its spin-off, Chicago PD, is when they crossover in a two-part event - and that's exactly we're getting tonight Video of Chicago Fire - Street Justice (Episode Highlight) for fans of Chicago Fire (2012 TV Series). When a crack den catches fire, the neighborhood wants to see it burn to the ground. Watch Chicago Fire Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC

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Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC. Did you see this death coming? Will you miss Shay? Feel the feelings and share your thoughts in the comments below. Did you see this death coming? Will. 'Chicago Fire' season 3 spoilers: How Taylor Kinney's Severide will investigate Shay's death. Chicago Fire January 19, 2015. The third season of Chicago Fire has taken already a variety of different twists and turns, but we are going to have a chance to see some of the most substantial ones of all in early February, which is when the NBC show is going to kick things off with the. Firehouse 51 has been quite the revolving door since Chicago Fire began. The number of personnel changes due to death (Andy Darden, Rebecca Jones, Leslie Shay) or departures (Peter Mills, Scott.

Chicago Fire - This Is Where We Were (Episode Highlight

Directed by Steve Shill. With Jason Beghe, Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer. Antonio and his sister talk to Adrian Gish about the person they think is responsible for the fire that killed Shay; Lindsay has second thoughts about the task force; Platt's new, sunny demeanor results in curiosity Directed by Karen Gaviola. With Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German. Peter starts looking into his father's death and he confronts Benny Severide about it, while Chief Boden asks Gabriela to keep a secret. After an unexpected source tells her more about the sperm-donating process, Shay decides to take a different approach at having a baby Chicago Fire. Portrayed by: Lauren German . Leslie Shay was a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61 and Firehouse 51. She was killed in the line of duty when a building collapsed in the episode Real Never Waits. Leslie is a self-confessed lesbian, something that Peter Mills discovers on his first day when the other firefighters trick him to ask Shay on a date. Shay and Dawson are involved in a.

Did CHICAGO FIRE Kill Off the Wrong Character? | | the TVSylvie Brett | ChicagoTV Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaChicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: On the Mend? - Thechicago fire death | TumblrTV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 8 "Rhymes withChicago Fire Season 3 DVD Box Set Chicago Fire Season 3

Chicago Fire ended Season 7 on a blazing cliffhanger that left most of the major characters in mortal peril; now, let's break down who's definitely not dying and who's still at risk Lauren German played fan-favorite EMT Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire. Her tragic death in the Season 2 finale has never been forgotten, but German has since moved on from the series. On Monday, the actress took to Instagram to share that she wasn't the only former star out and about. 5 Biggest Deaths In NBC's 'Chicago' Franchise . German posted a picture with Sophia Bush, who starred as Erin. Sylvie Brett is the current PIC (Paramedic-In-Charge) of Ambulance 61. She was first introduced in Season 3 as Leslie Shay's replacement after her death. She is originally from Indianapolis but moved to Chicago after her ex-fiancee canceled their wedding, and later proved herself as a great paramedic. Sylvie joined to replace Shay. Initially Dawson was cautious when working with her but they. One of the highlights of Chicago FIre's first two seasons was Severide's honest and open friendship with paramedic Leslie Shay. They were friends and roommates who respected each other and kept it.

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