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mindUp ist Experte für Inhaltsextraktion im Interne Using the Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool, you can company any set of Facebook Pages across a series of metrics like their fan count, posts engagements, likes, shares, post types, geographical engagement analysis and more. Get graphical and tabular representations of the data

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Our Facebook Competitor Page Analysis Tool helps the marketer, an agency, any reputable brand or a startup to build the robust social media marketing strategy by providing REAL insights on competitor's actions and their impacts. You will come to know what exactly is working for your competitor or the industry leader along with insights for your business. It's absolutely FREE to get your. It has a free tool specifically for Facebook Analytics, with a dashboard that can be customized to suit all your needs. You can track three Facebook pages simultaneously, identifying the main engagement metrics - likes, shares, comments, and follower growth. On top of this, you can measure performance against that of your competitors, to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy Top Facebook Competitor Analysis Tools. While tracking your competitors and comparing your results to theirs is crucial for your marketing strategy, you shouldn't spend so much valuable time on this, and instead, focus on actual marketing. That's where Facebook competitor analysis tools come in. They can do all the legwork for you by providing real insights on your competitors' actions.

Facebook Page Competitive Analysis 'Cheat Sheet' Top Facebook Page Competitive Analysis Tools. 1. Socialbakers.com. Cost: Starts at $50 per month Historical Data: Last 30 days upon sign-up Number of pages monitored: 100 or more Strength: Head to head comparison of 2 Facebook pages. Historical Data . As soon as you sign-up you have access to the last 30 days of data for all Facebook pages. Free Facebook Analytics Tool See how you stand against your competition on Facebook. Just enter or paste URL of your company's Facebook Page and as well as that of your competitor - or any two Facebook profile you want to compare (just make sure it's not private Facebook profile) Free Facebook Analytics Tools Facebook Insights. Of course, the first place to start is Facebook itself, which provides analytics through the Insights platform. The tool is available to any admin of your company page once you have over 30 fans. It provides detailed metrics about your posts and the engagement they earn. Audience analysis. There are tools to help you determine what's working for you and your competitors, what isn't working and why. In this article you'll discover four free tools to compare your social media presence with your competitors'. Listen to this article: #1: Do a Side-by-Side Comparison Fanpage Karma will analyze your and your competitors' accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube. Select Free Tools from the menu at the top and choose the option for a Free Facebook Competitive Analysis Report. Select from a wide range of free reports to get started and see what Simply Measured can provide. For this report, you can enter up to 10 Pages that you want to compare, including your own Page. After entering all the Pages you want to run the report for, click Continue. While.

General competitor analysis tools. While many tools target a particular niche, these tools analyze multiple areas of your competitor's online marketing strategy to give you an overview of their efforts to spot potential avenues for growth. Pi Datametrics. With Pi, you can measure the impact of your brand, product lines and your performance against competitors after any campaign. You can. Analyze competitors' Facebook and Instagram ads. Study competitors ads to understand what works for them, what are their experiments, how often they spend money. If possible, also take a look at the promoted content. Sociality.io tool can help you to uncover paid metrics of your competitors. Ads are a good indicator of how each competitor is presenting itself to new audiences. All major. Competitor Analysis Tools for Emails, Ads and Industries 10. Mailcharts . Email marketing is arguably one of the most tedious channels for competitive analysis. Recognizing this, Mailcharts aggregates emails from competing campaigns to help influence your own. In addition to grabbing subject lines, Mailcharts pulls data such as send frequency and compares it to your business' campaigns to. Wiselytics is another social analytics tool that's currently focused on Facebook analytics - with Twitter analytics in beta. Key metrics you can track include reach, engagement, interactions and virality, with attention to which social media posts reached the most fans or had the most visibility. You can also easily spot unusual spikes in engagement, including negative feedback. Competitor.

Facebook analytics and reporting tool for marketers. Measure your strategy on Facebook with data, track your competitors, increase engagement on facebook with new content ideas, create reports in seconds Top 20 Kickass Facebook Ad Spy Tools to Try in 2020 . 1. PowerAdSpy. PowerAdSpy is among the most powerful Facebook Ads Spy Tools.By solely focusing on Fb Ads, PowerAdSpy has refined the art of spying on competitor's Fb Ads to provide you with top-notch actionable data for your Ad campaigns Learn about your Facebook audience with the Audience Insights tool. Interactive, Audience Insights allows you to get consumer insights and trends on particular topics Why you should do a competitor analysis on Facebook. Monitoring your competitors is probably even more critical than just researching them. Carefully monitoring your competitors' next steps and campaigns can save time and grow your business. Using analytics, it's easy to see which type of content best engages your audience, encourages the most link clicks, app downloads, likes, etc. Knowing.

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  1. Facebook Insights provides some good analytics, but there are also some very useful 3rd party Facebook analytics tools that go beyond Facebook Insights. The amount of people you reach organically through your Facebook page is continuously decreasing so you need to consider every option to make sure that you reach more people than your competitors
  2. PowerAdSpy is a true Facebook ads spy tool. The reason I say this is that it allows you to see a competitor ad's target audience age, interests, and geography. If you own a Shopify store and are interested to see what your Shopify competitors are up to, PowerAdSpy has a massive database. Pros: Over 6 million ads available from over 15 countries. Visit the actual live Facebook ad from.
  3. Monitor any Facebook page with the best analytics and monitoring tool. Create insight reports and optimize your social media marketing strategy. -20%. Cyber Week Special. Get 20% off all products for the first 6 months. Code: CYBERWeek20. Redeem now. Days. Hr: Min: Sec. Features; Pricing; More. Add-ons. Competition Good Luck Fairy Competition Instagram Hashtags Social Media Index Facebook.

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Facebook Competitor Analysis Report; Facebook Pages Report; Here's a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a deep Facebook analysis: 1. Analyze Your Competitors. The Facebook Insights data attached to your Facebook business page will provide you with a wealth of information, but it's a good idea to start your Facebook analysis by looking at. Top 10 Best Competitor Analysis Tools. In this article, we pick the 10 best competitor analysis tools you can use to track and analyze the competitors. 1. SEMrush. SEMrush is a great competitor analysis tool that can provide in-depth reports about keywords, traffic sources, and social media marketing strategies of your competitors

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For more direct competitor analysis, its Facebook Content tool can search by keyword or Facebook page to help social teams understand which brands see the most engagement for topics relevant to. These are the top 13 Facebook Competitors In The Social Networking Industry. Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. It was founded in 2004 but opened to the public in 2006. Over the last decade or so, Facebook has accumulated many Facebook Competitors such as Google, Twitter and others

Centralized social media analytics. Centralize all your social media data with one tool. Rather than logging in and out of multiple social media analytics tools, add your social media profiles and those of competing brands to a single dashboard.You'll be able to analyze key metrics from your customers, campaigns, competitors, and the industry as a whole

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